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Carpet Water Removal Clifton Springs

Kleen-Tech is a trusted carpet water removal provider operating in Clifton Springs and through the Melbourne and Geelong areas. The key to effective carpet water removal is to act swiftly to prevent secondary damage. This process is essential following a flood or water damage event in your commercial or residential property. Persistent high moisture levels in carpets can lead to mould growth and structural damage if left untreated. If the water has been standing for an extended period and is contaminated, it is likely that the carpets will need to be replaced. Our team has successfully restored numerous properties. We ensure a thorough assessment of water-damaged carpets to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Wet Carpet Drying

Kleen-Tech follows well-established protocols for carpet water removal. After testing the moisture levels, the first step is to extract as much water as possible from the carpets. Our technicians then use air movers and dehumidifiers to accelerate evaporation and dry the carpets to safe moisture levels. For large affected areas, multiple air movers and dehumidifiers may be necessary to ensure even and thorough drying.

Once the drying environment is set up, we conduct inspections to monitor moisture levels and adjust the equipment if needed. After the carpet water removal project is complete, all equipment is removed, the carpet is reinstalled, and the furniture is returned to its original position.

Emergency Water Removal

If you require emergency carpet water removal at your property in Clifton Springs, call Kleen-Tech on 1300 30 50 30. Kleen-Tech offers both fast dispatch and an experienced team of water restoration technicians for carpet water removal at your Clifton Springs property. We will work together with property managers, homeowners, property owners and tenants to ensure the property is restored to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. If you’re based anywhere in Clifton Springs, call Kleen-Tech on 1300 30 50 30.

Call Kleen-Tech on 1300 30 50 30 For Carpet Water Removal

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