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Mould Remediation

How bad is mould in the house?

One of, if not the biggest dangers to the health of you and your home / building is the growth of mould.

Flooding in domestic or commercial properties gives mould an ideal condition in which to develop, with the risk to you and your family’s / co-workers’ health being comparable to the time you are exposed and the species and the density of any airborne spores.

A lot of properties have mould in some shape or form – sometimes hidden behind surface finishes, in gaps and within partition walls. Whether your mould infestation comes as the result of flooding or just general damp and moisture in your home, Kleen Tech can help.

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We will deal with your insurers from start to finish, and even manage the payout. Don't get bogged down with more red tape!

Equipment Hire

When buckets and hairdryers are not enough, we have industrial specialise equipment perfect for post flooding needs.

Water Extraction

Equipment and expertise is essential - and hauling buckets is tiresome. Have our engineers do the job for you.

What shall I do if have Mould?

  1. Get an expert inspection - it's important to determine the type of mould you have. In most cases professionals are required to fully remove the mould. So to avoid health issues have an expert check the areas affected.
  2. If possible to clean yourself, make sure you are well equipped (including a mask and overalls) and be sure not to spread the mould in your attempts to remove it.
  3. Dampen the mouldy area well with a rag and plain water, this will help stop mould spores from entering the air.
  4. Once the affected areas have been soaked, remove the mouldy materials (ideally under negative air pressure) to stop them from reforming.
  5. Once all areas of mould have been removed and treated, the property must be dried to ensure that mould does not grow again. Call Kleen-Tech for an expert inspection.

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