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Wet Carpet Rescue

Having to deal with a wet carpet is one of the most challenging situations that a homeowner or employer faces in the wake of water damage. Whilst there is no standard procedure set for tackling a building flood situation, drying and rescuing a carpet after water damage should be carried out immediately to try and salvage any expensive carpets or loved rugs.

If not treated, mould will start developing on a wet carpet if it is kept in a place of damp air and it stays with the water for more than 48 hours. With this, it is important to dry your carpets and rugs as soon as possible to prevent mould development and growth. On small affected areas of the carpet have water, drying it can be an easy process. However, you will need expert help for drying method for large areas, and that is where Kleen Tech are on hand to help with our specialised Wet Carpet Rescue service.

Water Extraction

Equipment and expertise is essential - and hauling buckets is tiresome. Have our engineers do the job for you.

Insurance Claims

We will deal with your insurers from start to finish, and even manage the payout. Don't get bogged down with more red tape!

Immediate dispatch

Make Kleen Tech your first call and benefit from our 1 hour Response, and start your road to recovery as soon as possible!

Equipment Hire

When buckets and hairdryers are not enough, we have industrial specialise equipment perfect for post flooding needs.

How can I treat my water damaged carpet?

  1. First make safe the area. Turn off any exposed electrical items and ensure there are no structural dangers such as potential ceiling collapses.
  2. Call Kleen-Tech to complete an inspection. In the meantime, use towels to soak any excess water. Laying them around the sections of the carpet that are wet. Use your hands to press them down so that they can absorb water. Replace towels as needed and transfer to a bucket or water tight vessel.
  3. Try to Keep your hands dry. Industrial extractors are needed to remove water not only from the carpet but also from the underlay and sub-flooring. Go over the affected areas in straight lines slowly and repeating the process with breaks in-between.
  4. Keep windows open to get a breeze running through the building to aide in the drying. If there is a humid air outside, close the windows and make sure that the air conditioner is running if possible.
  5. Have industrial air movers and dehumidifiers set up to remove the moisture that extraction won't. Careful monitoring of the drying environment is essential to make sure wet carpets are rapidly dried and not ruined.
  6. Moisture testing should be completed to determine if carpets have truly been dried. Upon completion carpets may be cleaned if necessary. Call Kleen-Tech today for fixing wet carpets.

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