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Carpet Drying in St Kilda East 3183 Melbourne

With over 20 years of experience in the industry servicing domestic and commercial properties all across St Kilda East, we’ve seen it all when it comes to carpet drying. Sometimes there can be unexpected flooding in your premises caused by a broken pipe, a leak in the roof, blocked gutters or a burst hot water tank. It can be quite a shock to attend your property to find that it has been flooded with water damage to the floors, carpets, walls and your belongings. No matter how small or big the flood, we’ve got you covered. Here at Kleen-Tech we offer:

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When it comes to water damage and drying carpets we don’t leave anything to chance. When water infiltrates the structures in your home including the carpets, underlay and floorboards, there can be irreparable damage to the carpets and underlay meaning that we need to remove them and either dry them or replace them entirely. Our aim is to ensure the job is done properly with the least impact to yourself, your home or your business and to make sure that the carpet drying is done effectively to ensure no risk of mould development and further complications.

Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning St Kilda East

We’ve been servicing all of St Kilda East and all suburbs in Melbourne for more than 20 years. We’ve attended properties to remediate all degrees of water damage and have seen first hand what can happen if not correctly done with DIY jobs. With 24/7 availability every day of the year to St Kilda East and all suburbs around Melbourne, call us on 1300 305 030 to discuss your water damaged carpets and have one of our friendly professionals attend your property within the hour. Although it can be tempting to administer DIY carpet drying methods we wouldn’t recommend this for large areas that have been flooded. If there is a small area of your carpet or flooring that has experienced minimal water saturation for a very small amount of time, you could certainly use our guide that outlines the best way to use towels to remove as much excess water as you can followed by ventilation to the area with cold air.

Our staff have serviced all sorts of properties in St Kilda East for carpet drying including houses, offices and commercial buildings. The cause of wet carpets can range from a leaking pipe, a broken roof tile, a burst hot water tank or a window that’s been left open by accident during a rainy day. Whatever the cause is our friendly staff will use our proven method to restore your wet carpets and flooring to pre-damage condition. We utilise our proven method to ensure a thorough investigation of the cause of the flood as well as a complete clean up and removal of as much water as possible.

Flood Restoration & Carpet Drying in St Kilda East

Kleen-Tech are the flood damage specialists in Melbourne with over 20 years of experience in the industry. When water damage occurs to your carpets in St Kilda East call the experts on 1300 305 030 to speak to one of our professional staff for the best quote guaranteed. We understand that water damaged carpets and accidental indoor flooding can occur without notice, which is why we offer a tailored solution that works for you with 24/7 service and availability every single day of the year including public holidays. Call any time on 1300 305 030 to discuss your water carpet damage at your St Kilda East property to commence restoration works immediately.

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