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Wet Carpet Drying Melbourne CBD

Unexpected flooding that causes wet carpet in offices, commercial buildings, shops and apartments in the CBD of Melbourne is commonplace. Given Melbourne’s history of thunderstorms with severe rain and flooding there is a chance that your property in the CBD may experience an overwhelmed drainage system or blocked gutters that could result in unexpected flooding inside the premises causing damaged and wet carpets. Kleen-Tech has restored all types of wet carpets and properties in the city of Melbourne ranging from Universities to shops, where the flood and water damage to the carpets, floating boards and underlay has been mild to severe. Depending on the extent of water saturation in the carpets Kleen-Tech will restore your property to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible so you can continue to use your premises as usual. Our team of wet carpet rescue specialists have over twenty years of experience in handling all degrees of flood throughout Melbourne CBD and we are a family operated business with extensive knowledge of the industry. Kleen-Tech’s services include:

Melbourne CBD Water Damage Tips & Tricks

Extreme weather that causes indoor flooding damage to your carpets in the City of Melbourne can occur with serious repercussions and safety concerns, which is why the SES has created a useful manual for anyone located in the CBD during these times. You can find that manual here. This outlines the CBD’s high risk areas for flooding including Elizabeth street, which is the lowest point in the CBD and has had a history of severe flooding in the past which is why the SES has outlined preparation kits and information on how to safeguard your business if you are located in this section of Melbourne CBD. Given that the CBD is highly developed with lots of infrastructure there is little room for rainwater to be collected or absorbed, meaning that it finds its way to easy to access lower points within the CBD that can overwhelm drainage systems. This can inevitably result in flooding indoors and damage to your carpets, underlay and floating boards.

Wet carpets being dried in Melbourne

Wet Carpet Remediation in Melbourne CBD

It can be overwhelming to attend your premises in the CBD to find that it’s all the carpets, floor boards and underlay have flooded overnight or across the weekend when no one has been present to raise the alarm. Standing water particularly in carpets, underlay and wooden structures within the property can pose a number of risks including the development of mould and severe damage to internal structures. Here at Kleen-Tech we’ve remediated both mild and severe wet carpet flooding in Melbourne CBD including large areas such as offices and university buildings to small shops that have been affected. No matter how severe or how mild the damage is, rest assured that our specialised and experience team of wet carpet damage professionals will attend the site and restore your premises to pre-loss condition.

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