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Mould Removal Melbourne

Kleen-Tech has a trained team of IIRC Certified mould remediation technicians who have a wealth of experience and knowledge who are qualified to undergo mould remediation work in all types of properties including homes, commercial buildings and warehouses. We provide accurate and detailed mould assessments, treatment and removal of mould with guaranteed one hour dispatch within Melbourne and surrounding suburbs along with 24/7 support all year round including all public holidays. Our friendly team of specialists and professionals offer:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Callout response within the hour
  • Same day property attendance
  • IIRC Certified mould remediation technicians
  • Mould assessment reports
  • Assistance with insurance
Kleen-Tech Flood Damage & Mould Restoration Melbourne
Kleen-Tech is available 24/7 Every Day of the Year for Mould Restoration

Kleen-Tech strictly uses IIRC Certified Mould Technicians who have undergone training required to provide mould restoration and mould assessment reports. Mould can be highly contagious and have serious health repercussions if not properly remediated in a timely manner, which is why Kleen-Tech offers 24/7 support with mould assessors available for dispatch to your property within the hour all around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. This is what sets Kleen-Tech apart. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience handling flood-associated mould as well as mould that has grown over time in areas that go unnoticed.

We have IIRC Certified Technicians which means our mould assessors are certified mould restoration technicians that have undergone strict training in the principles of removing mould. This is a highly specific process and only trained technicians should be attending mould damaged areas to ensure that it is removed appropriately whilst minimising any risks for the occupants of the property. If a DIY attempt has been undertaken but there has been no progress, there’s no need to worry. Our certified technicians have remediated varying levels mould in homes and properties over many years and will ensure that your property is restored to pre-loss condition.

Mould Decontamination Melbourne

To minimise the escalating costs associated with removing mould and further contamination in other areas of the property, Kleen-Tech offers an immediate response and are available 24/7 on 1300 30 50 30. Our certified mould technicians can attend the property within the hour or the day, depending on a time that most suits you. Our mould decontamination technicians are well practiced in the five major principles of mould remediation as outlined by the IICRC below. These steps are strictly followed by our mould technicians to ensure complete remediation of mould in the walls, floors, carpets or any other areas in your property that have been contaminated.

Flooding to property indoors
If Water is standing water for an extended period of time, mould can easily develop

Step 1: First ensure all safety and health precautions and procedures are upheld by mould remediation technicians and occupants. Mould contaminated areas can pose serious health risks if not properly managed, so Kleen-Tech first ensures that anyone involved in the mould remediation process is appropriately protected from exposure through a combination of practices and controls.

Step 2: A post-cleanup assessment must be performed by an independent environmental expert. An effective and accurate mould removal plan cannot be executed until the extent of the contamination is first assessed. To ensure that all mould remediation work is being performed accurately, appropriate documentation of the process and work done on different times and days is kept by project management.

Step 3: The mould is controlled by restricting its ability to spread beyond the infected areas. The key to this is eliminating the source of the contamination first to ensure effective mould remediation. Once mould spores spread throughout the air it will be much more difficult to capture.

Step 4: Oversee the effective and accurate removal of the physical mould. This involves physically removing the mould from effected structures or areas within a premises and not attempting to solely remove superficial mould. This method is not adequate and also note that bleach alone will not kill mould.

Step 5: Ensure moisture in the air and surfaces is controlled to limit further spread of mould and the risk of recontamination. This is a key step as mould remediation will not be successful unless the moisture in the air and surface is appropriately controlled. This involves locating, correcting and controlling the source of moisture immediately.

Mould Cleaning & Treatment Melbourne

All of the steps above are highly specific and involve multiple disciplines and professionals from a range of mould restoration and environmental fields. Mould can be found many areas in your domestic or commercial property including your bathroom walls, ceilings, flooring and any area where there are damp conditions. The best way to ensure you prevent mould contamination is to allow plenty of ventilation in areas where moisture builds up, particularly in the kitchen, bathrooms, attics and basements. You can schedule regular checks to identify visible mould in your property in high risk areas by checking the ceilings, walls, carpets and any other structural areas where moisture builds up. This way you can avoid the increasing costs associated with mould remediation.

Stormwater flood damage and Mould Insurers in Melbourne
Insurers that Kleen-Tech has liaised with regarding Mould

If mould spores become airborne they can pose allergy risks and chronic respiratory problems in the long run. For this reason it is vital that a certified technician removes the mould effectively in your property and we recommend avoiding DIY methods of mould removal. Kleen-Tech’s mould treatment specialists have over two decades worth of experience working within this industry and have treated hundreds of homes with mould issues. If you need advice on what steps you should take once you have identified mould within the home or have noticed the distinct smell, you can call and chat to one of our friendly Kleen-Tech professionals 24/7 to discuss your concerns on 1300 30 50 30.

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