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Carpet Drying Abbotsford, Melbourne

If you have experienced water damage in your house, apartment, office, warehouse or commercial building in Abbotsford VIC 3067 with resulting wet carpets that require water extraction, steam cleaning and drying immediately, call the experts on 1300 30 50 30. Kleen-Tech has serviced properties all around Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years and have expert knowledge when it comes to drying wet carpets effectively. With a wealth of experiencing in handling large indoor flooding and small areas of water damage, we’ve seen it all and know that the best course of action is immediate action. This is why Kleen-Tech offer a 24/7 solution every single day of the year (including public holidays) to ensure your wet carpets are dried as soon as possible.

Other services that we offer in Abbotsford, Melbourne 3067 and all suburbs in Melbourne on a 24/7 basis includes:

Dry Carpets In Abbotsford 3067

In order to dry carpets efficiently and professionally so there are no complications in the future, Kleen-Tech uses their proven method and necessary machinery along with specialist equipment to perform water moisture tests, saturation levels and assess damage to underlying structures and surrounding areas. Once a thorough assessment has been performed our team of friendly professionals will commence drying your carpets immediately. Depending on the amount of water saturation we may have to lift the carpets and replace the underlay whilst drying the underlying floorboards and structures using our dehumidifiers and air blowers. Whilst this area of the water damage is being controlled, we’ll assess the damage to your carpets and whether we can dry them and re-lay them or replace the damaged carpet with a brand new one instead. As we’ve attended and restored multiple homes, offices, warehouses and other properties in Abbotsford across our 20 years of work, we’ll know the best solution for you and work within your requirements.

Wet Carpet Causes

Carpets in your property can get damaged from flooding water from the inside or outside. The main causes of flooding causing your floors and carpets to get water damaged are:

  • A burst hot water tank
  • A burst pipe
  • Blocked gutters
  • Hole in the roof
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Stormwater flooding
  • Overflowing or leaking tap
Kleen-Tech's water damage wet carpet services in Abbotsford, Melbourne

No matter what the cause of the flooding is we can assist. We’ve restored wet carpets in hospitals, schools, houses, apartments, doctor’s clinics and offices all across Melbourne for over 20 years and know that the best course of action is immediate action. This is why we offer a tailored 24/7 solution for you that works within your schedule. Call us any time on 1300 30 50 30 to discuss your wet carpet drying requirements in Abbotsford and we’ll provide you with the best quote and fast dispatch within any suburb in Melbourne.

Carpet Drying in Abbotsford, Victoria

If you’ve entered your premises to find there has been unexpected flooding or water damage resulting in wet carpets, call the experts now on 1300 30 50 30 any time of the day, any day of the year. We understand how flooded premises can be completely unexpected and will work with you, insurance companies and all other parties involved throughout the remediation works. Call Kleen-Tech for the best quote guaranteed.

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