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Burst Sewage Pipe and Overflow

A burst sewage pipe and its associated remediation is thorough and complex compared to a regular burst water pipe. Sewage water poses a number of health risks and its contamination can spread quickly within your property depending on the extent of the flooding and affected areas. Sewage water has an accumulation of harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites and immediate action should be taken if you notice a burst sewage pipe in your property. Some signs that a burst is imminent include backups or blockages, unpleasant odours, slow draining in the shower or bath or a clogged toilet.


If you notice any of the above you should call in your plumber immediately to reduce the risk of a burst sewage pipe or overflow into your property. If the sewage pipe bursts and your home gets flooded, you should call a plumber and flood damage specialist along with your insurer immediately. Kleen-Tech offers 24/7 assistance and service across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, and our specialists have a wealth of experience with sewage overflow and burst pipes. The experience of having a burst sewage pipe can be quite overwhelming and scary but with the correct remediation, your home will be back to normal in no time.


Why Did My Sewage Pipe Burst?

The unpleasantness of having a burst sewage pipe and subsequent flooding in your home can be overwhelming. With experience dealing with burst sewage lines and pipes all across Melbourne for over twenty years, we’ve listed below the most common reasons for why sewage pipes have broken in homes, warehouses and office buildings.

Tree Roots

Tree roots find their way easily between small openings or bends in the pipes. Once they’ve infiltrated the sewage pipes, they continue to grow and block your sewage pipes, as the warm environment and non-continuous flow of water allows the roots to grow in abundance. A burst can occur when the tree roots begin growing and expanding, leading to increased pressure in areas along the pipe that can eventually break. They can also completely obstruct the flow of sewage water that will eventually caused a large clog to develop.


Sewage pipes are prone to blockages and clogs over time due to incorrect disposal of items in the toilet, a build up of grease, tree root infiltration and other foreign objects. Sanitary items, nappies and cat litter are commonly found in blocked sewage lines. To prevent any potential blocks in the sewage pipes in your property, always ensure the correct disposal of items and check for signs of a blocked pipe, such as odour, pooling of water in your garden and slow drainage.


Even the most durable pipes will eventually wear down. Deterioration of sewage pipes can lead to leaks, cracks and eventually large bursts leading to flooding. Depending on your home and environment an experienced plumber will be able to offer advice on the best material for the pipes in your home to prevent a sewage backup and broken pipe later on.


Risks Associated with Sewage Overflow

Sewage leaks and flooding takes time remediate. The risks of untreated sewage leaks and flooding include:

  • Mould
  • Virus, bacteria and pathogen contamination
  • Contamination of the flooded area and surrounding items
  • Inhalation of toxic odours
  • Damage to household structures
  • Contamination of any item that has been in contact with the flooded area
  • Pest infestation.


Burst Sewage Pipe Melbourne 24/7 Response

Kleen-Tech has attended both domestic and commercial properties in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs to remediate sewage overflow. First, we assess the area and inspect the source of the sewage flow as well as all affected areas. All carpet and associated underlay is removed and disposed of to prevent the risk of contamination, health risks and mould and anti-microbial treatment is applied directly to all affected areas. The next stage is the drying process which eliminates remaining humidity to prevent further contamination and mould development.


We work with the owner of the property to ensure that the entire process is done in a timely manner to prevent disruptions to your business or home, meaning that we commence remediation as soon as the callout has been made. All sewage flood restoration equipment, staff and mould specialists are on call 24/7 all around Melbourne, so if you experience sewage overflow or flooding in your property, chat to one of our staff on 1300 30 50 30 to initiate the next steps. Call your insurer and a plumber immediately and take images of all damaged areas and the source of the sewage flow if you can.

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