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Stormwater Flood Damage in Melbourne

Melbourne has been host to a number of unpredictable weather changes and severe thunderstorms across the years with thunderstorms and heavy rain affecting areas all across Victoria. Severe storms can render drainage systems in domestic or commercial properties inadequate resulting in flooding inside the premises. Across the span of over twenty years Kleen-Tech has attended multiple properties, both domestic and commercial, during heavy rainfall in Melbourne. With 24/7 support and the fastest response time, our team of friendly and experienced flood restoration specialists have restored properties back to their original condition. Stormwater and rainwater that cause flooding inside your premises can be a result of blocked gutters, a hole in the roof, a window being left open, blocked pipes, plumbing issues or inadequate drainage systems. Kleen-Tech has definitely seen it all and are equipped to handle any storm water or flood damage that your property experiences.

Risks of Storm Water Flooding

Stormwater flooding poses a unique but manageable health risk given its potential to be a composition of water, litter, organic matter, soil, chemical pollutants, fertilisers from gardens and oil residues from driveways. If flooding occurs and your domestic or commercial property is damaged we advise immediately contacting the professionals to restore the property back to its original condition without attempting a DIY cleanup. The risks of storm water flooding or inadequate remediation include:

  • Mould developing in carpets, underlay and structures within the house
  • Health risks from pollutants carried in the water
  • Cross contamination of other areas inside the property due to walking in contaminated areas to other areas of the house

If you ever experience flooding in your property after a storm in Melbourne or any surrounding suburbs call Kleen-Tech immediately on 1300 50 30 50, any time, 24/7. We’ll be able to offer round-the-clock support with guaranteed fast dispatch and professional remediation that will leave you stress-free.

Storm Water Damage in East Melbourne Property

During the heavy flooding and rainfall in November-December in 2018 a serviced apartment in East Melbourne experienced severe flooding inside five of its apartments with a total of twenty rooms being affected. Combined with the heavy rainfall and extreme weather during this time the drainage system was rendered inadequate and could not alleviate the amount of water draining through the system, resulting in overflow and flooding inside the ground level. The water damage in the serviced apartment was classified as severe given the amount of time the water had been standing and subsequent structural, flooring and property damage. Additionally debris from outside the property including soil, leaves, litter and other items had entered each premises along with the rainwater. Given the contaminated nature of the stormwater standing in the premises and severe structural damage the apartments were deemed a health hazard and needed immediate remediation.

After being contacted by the by the operators of the apartment Kleen-Tech attended the property and commenced restoration work immediately given the nature of the situation. The first step was to thoroughly extract the water by using certified equipment over many hours to ensure all standing water was extracted from structures and within the air. Following this the carpets, underlay and underlying structures were addressed to see whether they were salvageable. Unfortunately in this situation they were severely damaged and needed to be disposed of. As the owners were losing income due to the apartments being unliveable Kleen-Tech worked around the clock with efficiency and professionalism to restore the premises back to its pre-loss condition.

Following a consultation with the insurance company the client was informed that an inspector would be able to attend the premises in about one month to provide an assessment and commence other restoration work. However this time frame did not suit the needs of the client as the Australian Open was commencing soon and there would have been further loss of income if the apartments were unable to be leased during this time. Once the drying process was complete, new underlay and new carpets had been installed and all remaining moisture had been safely removed, Kleen-Tech proceeded to complete structural repairs to doors, skirting and paint repairs for the client instead and completed the work within a time frame that suited the owner of the apartments. Kleen-Tech worked around the clock to restore the property to pre-loss condition and coordinated with the owner, insurance broker and the insurance company for the best possible outcome.

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