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Understanding Mould on Ceilings in Melbourne Homes


Mould growth on ceilings can be a persistent and unsightly issue for many Australian homeowners. Beyond its appearance, mould might… [Read more]

Does Mould Have an Odour?


Mould, with its fuzzy appearance and distinctive colours, can be quite visually apparent. However, it’s not just what you see… [Read more]

Guarding Against Mould: 5 Effective Strategies for Your Commercial Property


Mould growth in commercial properties can be a persistent and complicated issue. Not only does it compromise the structural integrity… [Read more]

What Mould Might Look Like in Kitchens


Mould is an unwelcome guest that can sneak into our homes, particularly in areas where moisture and darkness converge. The… [Read more]

Understanding Water Damage and Mould Remediation


Water damage can be a homeowner’s biggest challenge. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a roof leak, or a flood, the… [Read more]

Understanding Mould Spores in Melbourne Homes: A Comprehensive Guide


Mould spores are a common issue in many Melbourne households and they may have a significant impact on indoor air… [Read more]

What is condensation in houses?


Condensation in a house occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a colder surface and turns into liquid…. [Read more]

2 Ways to Identify Mould In Your Property


1. Identify Mould Visually Mould growth is a common building issue that typically develops in areas with high humidity and… [Read more]

What Causes Mould and How Can It Be Treated?


What is the cause of mould growth? Mould is a natural part of an environment where other oxygen-dependent organisms develop…. [Read more]

2 Reasons To Routinely Inspect Your Property


Some of the most common reasons for a flooded property include a burst pipe, blocked gutters, a leak in the… [Read more]