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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage Water

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Water damage to your home or business can be a traumatic experience. However, being informed about the consequences, causes, and ways to handle water damage will help you address the problem efficiently. After 23 years of business, we’ve been asked many questions and would like to share some of those with you. Here are five frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years.

What causes water damage?

Wherever there is water there is a risk of potential damage. In most cases, water damage occurs after thunderstorms, cyclones, even hurricane, burst pipes, roof leaks, septic tank overflows, poor drainage and appliance malfunctions. In particular, burst pipes, sewage backups and flash flooding are very dangerous because they can produce a high volume of water in less than 24 hours.

Why is water damage dangerous?

Sewage backups and floodwater may contain dangerous viruses and bacteria. We’ve mentioned in a previous blog article that if the water is not drained within 24 hours, structural damage and mould growth can occur. An often overlooked danger is slow water leak which infiltrates your home and causes structural damage and mould growth. Unchecked mould growth will spread quickly throughout your home or business if there is a source of water. Attempting to remove it yourself will only increase the release rate of mould spores.

What should I do after a flood, or sewage or water leak?

The first thing you should do is contact Kleen-Tech. We are a professional water damage restoration company and specialise in fixing flooding damage as soon as possible. If you delay, water may cause mould and irreversible damage to your walls, carpet and wood. Afterwards, contact your insurance company to start the claim process – we can help you with this. If you are able to, shut off the utilities connection to your home to avoid any further damage. Do not enter the premises if it has sustained structural damage. If the electricity has not been turned off, we recommend you do not walk through flood water. You should also avoid flood water in order to stay clear of waterborne containments.

How do certified technicians typically handle water damage?

The first thing the Kleen-Tech professionals will do is remove damaged materials which need to be restored or discarded. These materials may include but are not limited to: drywall, fragile wood, baseboards, furniture, carpeting, upholstery and insulation. After the affected materials are removed, our technicians will dry out the water using air movers and commence disinfection of the affected areas. The Kleen-Tech Professionals will also handle mould damage in the restoration process. Mould-infected surfaces will be disinfected and restored as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading.

Will my homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Kleen-Tech will assist you with the insurance claims process and help you maximize your entitlement. Everyone’s home owner insurance policy is different and it is important to know what the terms are. Kleen-Tech understands that the dealing with flooding can be very stressful and is available 24 / 7 to assist you with the claims process. We will stand with you side by side to ensure that you get what is fair and can assist you by providing all relevant reports and recommendations to your insurer of choice. Don’t go at it alone, contact the Kleen-Tech professionals for advice you can depend on.

Kleen-Tech is a Melbourne based water damage restoration company and is available 24/7 to respond to your needs within 1 hour. Founded in 1994, the company provides mould remediation services, water damage restoration and flood repair services throughout the greater Melbourne area.