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What To Do When A Pipe Bursts

A burst pipe in your home or commercial property can cause extensive damage to structures and surrounding areas if not attended to as soon as possible. With over twenty years of experience in dealing with broken pipes and water damage, we’ve made a guide below on what steps you can take to reduce the potential damage caused by broken pipes before the specialists arrive. If you have any doubts about the below or are unsure what to do, reach out to Kleen-Tech 24/7 on 1300 30 50 30 and speak to one of our experienced water damage professionals.

Why Did My Water Pipe Burst?

Our team has had years of experience with broken pipes and subsequent water damage all around Melbourne. By working together with related specialists including plumbers and electricians immediately on-site, we’ve listed below the most common reasons for your water pipes bursting in your home or commercial property.

1. High Water Pressure

A continuous flow of high water pressure is one of the most common reasons why your water pipe may burst. The standard water inlet pressure to a home is normally between 40-45 psi but can go up to 60 psi. The water pressure inlet should not exceed 60 psi due to corrosion to pipes and the potential for leaks to develop. The water pressure can change over time along different areas of the water pipes from clogs, leaks and temperature drops causing a change in water flow and pressure. This then paves way for the water pressure to build near clogs or past iced areas in the pipes which can result in bursting pipes.

2. Frozen Water

You’ll need to be aware of the potential for water pipes in your property to freeze if you live in cooler areas or areas that experience a significant drop in temperature during Winter. Freezing occurs around the inside of the pipes and breakages are typically seen past the frozen areas, between the water outlet and the frozen ice inside the pipes. Subsequently, water pressure builds up between this area and the pipes will break. If you open the tap and no water comes out don’t take any chances – call your plumber immediately.

3. Clogs

Clogs are a very common and can cause water pipes to burst in homes and commercial properties. Clogs can build up over sustained periods of time and can be composed of many materials including food, hair, household products and anything that goes down the sink. Always be mindful of bathroom and kitchen products that end up in the drainage system and take steps to prevent bulky materials, food scraps and hair from going down the pipes. Over time, a clog will get larger and larger and eventually cause a blockage in the pipes. Water pressure will continue to build up along the water pipe and pressure points will develop, resulting in burst pipes and water flooding.

4. Corrosion To Pipes

If the water pipes in your property are made out of steel there is a chance that corrosion will occur over time and the pipes will become weaker and eventually burst. This can happen with the general use of your water pipes over time and the best way to combat it is to have your water pipes replaced with plastic or copper instead. This can be evaluated by a plumber and they’ll be able to offer their advice depending on the types of pipes in your property.

What To Do If Your Water Pipe Bursts

Your best bet is to call a plumber, electrician and a water flood specialist immediately if there is flooding caused from a burst pipe. If left unattended, the costs associated with restoring your property will increase steadily. If a pipe bursts and there is flooding and damage, take the below precautions to ensure the safety of those within the property and to reduce the damage before the specialists arrive:

1. Turn off the main water supply

2. Contact a plumber, electrician and water damage specialist

3. Contact your insurer

4. Photograph the damage and areas affected

Flood Damage From Burst Pipes

If you experience water damage and flooding in your home or commercial property due to a broken pipe, call the experts right away. Depending on the amount of flooding, you may need to call an electrician, plumber and a flood damage specialist. Kleen-Tech has over twenty years of experience remediating flood damage caused by burst pipes across Melbourne and can work with your insurer to resolve the damage as easily as possible. You can call Kleen-Tech 24/7 on 1300 30 50 30 and talk to one of our experienced staff who can guide you on what you can do before the specialists arrive.