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How To Prevent Flooding From Gutters & What To Do If They Get Blocked

The gutters installed in your property serve one of the most important functions of driving water away from your roof, tiles and house. They require maintenance to prevent clogs and blocked gutters in order to prevent the risk of overflow and flooding. If the gutters in your property are broken, damaged or obstructed the water will find its way into your premises fairly quickly. Gutters serve the critical function of reducing moisture build up on your property by alleviating water built up near your roof, window seals, external structures, basement, foundation and internal structures. Kleen-Tech has restored properties all over Melbourne and surrounding suburbs that have experienced severe flooding caused by broken or block gutters. Without maintenance and scheduled checks it’s easy to forget about gutters and their importance. If you ever experience flooding inside your home as a result blocked gutters or leaks call Kleen-Tech 24/7 any day of the year to attend your property and commence the remediation process. With over twenty years of experience our friendly specialists will help you restore your property to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

How To Clean Gutters

We’d recommend cleaning and checking your gutter system at least once a year or twice a year if your property is located in an area that experiences heavy rainfall and is close to trees. Even one inspection per year could prevent flooding to your property and save you thousands of dollars in the future as you can inspect for leaks or breaks and remove debris build up. In order to maintain your gutter system you can either hire a professional or you can do it yourself if you are able to by following the steps below:

  1. Find a stable ladder and someone to firmly hold the ladder in place while you climb up to inspect your gutters
  2. Wearing gloves, use a hand shovel to scoop out any debris build up, soil, leaves, twigs, rubbish and any other items that are obstructing the gutters
  3. Place debris in a bucket or bin and use your hands whilst wearing gloves to remove any debris from hard to reach areas
  4. Carefully inspect the gutters along the peripheral of your roof to identify any cracks, breaks or leaks
  5. Empty contents of bucket and debris build up directly into a bin

If you identify a major break, leak, sagging, corrosion or crack anywhere along the gutters we’d recommend calling a professional in to inspect the damage and provide the best solution for you. New replacement gutters are made from a wide range of materials with the best option being the aluminium K-style seamless gutters. These are rust and leak proof and designed from one same length of material.

What Do I Do If My House Floods From Blocked Gutters?

If you experience flooding in your property due to blocked or broken gutters it’s best to respond as quickly as you can. Once water has found a way inside your property it will continue to do so and find new ways to infiltrate the structures. Given that weather can be unpredictable you would ideally want to fix the issue before the next heavy rainfall and act immediately. If areas in your house have become flooded and you’re based in Melbourne, North Melbourne, South Melbourne, East Melbourne, West Melbourne or any other suburb surrounding Melbourne call Kleen-Tech immediately on 1300 30 50 30 24/7 any day of the year – that includes any public holidays and weekends. We will dispatch our professional staff to attend the property and commence the water extraction process to reduce the risk of further damage to your property and items inside the house.

We work together with insurance companies and contractors to get the job done. We’ll be able to attend to the water damage inside your property and resolve damage to structures, carpets, underlay, underlying structures and anywhere affected by the water. In the meantime if you suspect the flooding has been caused by obstruction of leaves, soil, twigs, branches or any debris see if you can safely remove it. If the flooding has been caused by a broken or damaged gutter call a professional installer in your area as soon as possible.