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Flood & Stormwater Damage in Melbourne CBD

If you ever experience flooding in your property after a storm in Melbourne or any surrounding suburbs call Kleen-Tech immediately on 1300 50 30 50, any day of the year, 24/7. We’ll be able to offer round-the-clock support with guaranteed fast dispatch and effective remediation that will leave you stress-free.

The weather in Melbourne has a history of being unpredictable at times with harsh winds, storms, heavy rainfall and unpredictable flooding in areas within the City and around Victoria. Particularly in areas where excess rainwater cannot be drained or absorbed (for example in the Melbourne CBD where there is a high amount of development) gutters and drainage systems can quickly become overwhelmed with the influx of water and result in inefficient draining and subsequent flooding. The consequences of this are numerous with flood water seeping into homes, businesses, places of work, schools and any building where the drainage systems are not functioning effectively. For over 20 years Kleen-Tech has services all types of buildings and properties within the Melbourne CBD following heavy rainwater and flooding caused by blocked gutters, leaking roofs, ineffective drainage systems and other external weather issues. At times your property may be unoccupied outside of business hours or across the weekends when offices close, which is when flooding can occur unexpectedly along with standing water that goes unchecked for hours. That’s where Kleen-Tech comes in – we guarantee fast dispatch, response within the Melbourne CBD in 1 hour and a catered 24/7 support service on 1300 30 50 30 all around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We understand the imminent dangers of letting water sit in places of business or work can include damage to structures, saturated carpets, flooring and underlay as well as dampness and humidity which can lead to mould if not properly remediated.

Dangers of Storm Water Flooding in the City of Melbourne

Stormwater flooding poses a unique range of risks given its composition of water, litter, chemical pollutants, fertilisers from gardens and oil residues from driveways. If you attend your property and find severe flooding and damage following a heavy storm we recommend phoning us on 1300 30 50 30 to discuss the best course of action to reduce remediation costs and the stress of restoring your property. You can begin moving some items out of the way if they have not yet been affected and remove personal belongings before they come into contact with the contaminated water. This would be the extent of the DIY methods that you can employ to reduce any further damage and loss of income. We would recommend against attempting DIY drying as if the water is not professionally removed the water can stand and result in further structural damage along with increasing costs in the future. The risks of storm water flooding that has not been professionally remediated include:

  • Mould developing in carpets, underlay and structures within the house
  • Health risks from pollutants carried in the water
  • Cross contamination of other areas inside the property due to walking in contaminated areas to other areas of the house
Air blowers drying wet carpets in Melbourne CBD
Kleen-Tech’s industrial strength equipment is used to dry your carpets and restore your flood-damaged areas

Example of Storm Water Damage in an East Melbourne Property

During one of Melbourne’s severe rainfall in late 2018 a serviced apartment in East Melbourne had contaminated stormwater enter the apartment complex flooding five of its apartments, with a total of 20 rooms becoming flood damaged. An overwhelmed drainage system resulted in water finding its way inside the apartment complex through the ground floor and entering the apartments through the doors. In this situation Kleen-Tech was called out to attend the property and inspect the damage to commence restoration works as soon as possible to reduce further loss of income for the owner and to reduce cross contamination of other areas within the apartment and the property. The water damage in the serviced apartment was classified as severe given the amount of time the water had been standing and subsequent structural, flooring and property damage. Additionally debris from outside including soil, leaves, rubbish and other contaminants had entered each premises along with the rainwater. Given the contaminated nature of the stormwater standing in the premises and severe structural damage the damaged apartments were deemed a health hazard.

Storm water damage to flooring in Melbourne property
Removing stormwater-saturated flooring in an East Melbourne property
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